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iQS - Theranostics Synthesizer

iQS - Theranostics Synthesizer for Radiolabeling of Biomolecules

iQS-TS is a fully automated cassette-based Theranostics Synthesizer facilitating the routine preparation of radiolabeled biomolecules.

The computer controlled iQS-TS module employs predefined labeling protocols for GMP-compliant production of radiolabeled biological tracers like peptides, antibodies, small molecules or hormones, addressing a wide range of targets such as somatostatin receptors, prostate-specific membrane antigen, bone-tissue, bombesin receptors or integrins.

User-friendly click‘n‘start cassettes and reagent sets facilitate intuitive and convenient radiopharmaceutical preparation using the iQS-TS. The consumables are equipped with RFID Tags for automated recognition and reporting of component status (Lot., Expiry) and documentation.

The production of radiopharmaceuticals with the iQS-TS complies with current GMP standards. The module offers simple and intuitive software guided handling, fast production and a convenient filter integrity test. Standards for hygienic design were applied to optimally match clean room conditions. Prior to each synthesis, the self-check takes place. RFID tags assure proper GMP documentation and prevent use of expired consumables. Real-time control and visualization of synthesis steps include volume, temperature and activity control (smart radiochemical yield protection). Despite of all its capabilities the iQS-TS features an unbelievably small footprint of only 26 x 21 x 18 cm without any additional components or installation requirements, like gas supply.

Various diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes can be used:

  •   Lanthanides (177Lu, 161Tb, 153Sm, 166Ho)
  •   Actinides  (225Ac) as well as
  •   68Ga, 44Sc, 111In, 213Bi, among others


Key Advantages

  •   Most compact module for GMP production (RFID Tag tracking system, detailed protocol, real-time control)
  •   GMP grade chemicals
  •   68Ga-labeled peptides in only 17 minutes (incl. elution, purification and filter integrity test)
  •   Convenient handling of the cassette and chemicals
  •   Minimized liquid waste generation
  •   Smart software using self-diagnosis
  •   Remote support

Complementary Reagent Sets

We offer two complementary sets for the radiolabeling process with the iQS-TS. The 68Ga Chemical Set for the preparation of 68Ga labeled PET/CT tracers and the 177Lu Chemical Set for the manufacturing of 177Lu labeled peptides. All reagents are color-coded in coordination with color-coded cassettes for a user-friendly and smooth synthesis process. Your simple way to highest yield.

Besides our standard equipment (cassettes and leads) customized solutions can be offered.

ITM Medical Isotopes GmbH. A company of the ITM Group.

Please contact our Sales Team, if you need any further information:
Email: TechnicalServices(at)itm-radiopharma.com
Phone: +49 89 329 8986 6000