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Quality Control Solution for Radiopharmaceuticals

Fully Integrated Radio-HPLC System

Fully integrated HPLC configuration for radiopharmaceutical analysis: For research and GMP-compliant quality control.

The Quality Control Solution radio-HPLC is a state-of-the-art configuration for the analysis of radiolabeled biomolecules according to Ph. Eur./USP standards.

With an integrated quaternary HPLC pump, UV/VIS and radiodetectors, together with the latest Chromstar workstation, the Quality Control Solution is a first-in-class radio-HPLC technology in a unique compact design. The central unit is equipped with a temperature controlled and fully shielded column compartment. All these features assure better reproducibility and handling of radioactivity according to ALARA principle.

Sharing the expertise, providing excellent services

Together with the radio-HPLC, we provide our extensive expertise in the field of radiopharmaceutical manufacturing. Of course, we offer a full installation and qualification package. Our service includes personalized hand-on training, troubleshooting and maintenance. We are glad to assist with method optimization and validation!

In addition our standard delivery contains all parts needed for full operation, such as glass bottles for solvents, filters, PR-column, tubings and important spare parts including the tools, micro syringe for manual injection.

Upon request the standard configuration can be upgraded or modified according to your specific requirements (e.g. autosampler, column switching valve).

Key Advantages

  •   Stand alone, fully integrated system
  •   Half-life correction
  •   Built-in, fully shielded radiodetector and column
  •   Adjustable sensitivity for different radioisotopes
  •   Sophisticated corrections for solvent compressibility

ITM Medical Isotopes GmbH. A company of the ITM Group.

Please contact our Sales Team, if you need any further information:
Email: TechnicalServices(at)itm-radiopharma.com
Phone: +49 89 329 8986 6000